Biomagnetic Neuropsychology (NEURO)


Neuro can bring about the same progress in a patient in 9 minutes as 9 years of therapy with life-lasting results.

Moises Goiz



What is Biomagnetic Neuropsychology?

NEURO, or Biomagnetic Neuropsychology, is a new branch of Medical Biomagnetism developed by Moisés Goiz.

A simple, therapeutic system involving magnetic fields and targeted psychotherapeutic coaching, NEURO is a technique to appreciate reality without distortions, improving our emotions and behavior patterns. It is successful because strategies are learned to process reality with logic, while rewarding the change with positive reinforcements, stimulating groups of neurons with specific abilities in our brain.

The stimulation is done with magnetic fields, which subtly promote our own activity, it is like receiving a direct indication that tells us where the right resources are for each circumstance and rewards us for using them.

Through logical-mathematical harmonisation of our mental processes, NEURO therapy subtly promotes the brain activity, allowing it to rebalance itself into a healthier state.



About Moisés Goiz

Moisés Goiz Martínez is the creator and developer of the Biomagnetic Neuropsychology technique, now known as NEURO. The son of Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán, the founder of Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, is himself a psychologist and Biomagnetist.

Developed for over 9 years, Goiz has studied the neurological patterns of people who are experts in particular psychoemotional abilities. This research has led him to discover the location of the groups of neurons in our brains which are associated with the optimum manifestation of specific traits or emotional responses; for example, strong willpower in an Olympic athlete.

Goiz also found that when a specific psychoemotional trait is required and the corresponding ‘optimum’ area of the brain is inactive, an alternative pathway exists elsewhere in the brain. These alternative pathways have reduced efficiency, or can even undermine the brain’s ability to adapt to the corresponding situation, and can even lead to conflicts.

In other words, the runner with the most effective ‘willpower’ pathway is the most likely to achieve their goals and succeed/excel in their field.



How does it work?

NEURO is a technique to appreciate reality without distortions, improving our emotions and behaviour patterns.

Moises Goiz

The NEURO technique checks that the brain is using effective emotional response pathways. When disadvantageous or inefficient subconscious processes are found, NEURO therapy can be used to trigger the brain into using more suitable ones.

For each of life’s circumstances, there is an equivalent group of neurons in the brain with the right resources to process it. NEURO therapy uses magnetic fields to stimulate the corresponding groups of neurons, as positive reinforcement of the brain’s optimal pathways.

This reinforcement is strengthened further with psychotherapeutic coaching, which harmonises the brain’s processing of reality.

The combined logical-mathematical approach of NEURO therapy attunes our mental processes and subtly promotes our brain’s activity, allowing it to rebalance itself with the right components for greater wellbeing.



What are the benefits for me?

We are often not aware of the areas of our life where we have inefficient neurological processing as they are stored in the subconscious. NEURO enables us to find your individual subconscious deficiencies and target the root of problems. By attuning the mental processes, many find that they are able to think clearer, cope with situations where they would previously have a ‘mental block’ or not be able to move on from.



Who is it suitable for?

NEURO is suitable for adults and children of all ages, whether they are struggling with neurological, emotional issues or not. As a technique, it is not only able to resolve conflicts and issues, but also able to optimise your functioning and wellbeing.

It can be combined with other conventional and alternative therapies, however is not used in those with a history of epilepsy or seizures, or medical implants such as Cochlea Implants or Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) Shunt Systems.