Diet and Nutrition


What Diet and Nutrition treatments do you offer?

Our Therapist is a qualified Diet and Nutrition Advisor, studying for additional diplomas as a Master Herbalist and Raw Food Nutritionist.

By applying a personalised muscle testing method, they are able to combine her knowledge of nutrition with the responses of your body in order to:

  • Create a diet plan
  • Test for foods causing IBS symptoms
  • Test for food intolerances
  • Test for food allergies



What are the benefits for me?

The varied approach at Biomedical Therapies is able to help a range of issues, so that patients can start eating a full, healthy and balanced diet.

If you are trying to lose weight, we can help you create a diet plan to slowly wean you out of bad habits and into healthy ones. With a background in nutrition, she can ensure that you are getting everything your body needs moving forward, particularly if you suffer from nutritional deficiencies.

If you suffer from digestive issues, the combination of approaches our Therapist offers are not only able to pinpoint the causes with a high level of accuracy and precision, but are also able to either lessen the effects of, or treat, the problem.

The development of digestive issues and multiple food intolerances or sensitivities are signs of an unhealthy, unbalanced gut. The causes of this can be dietary or microbial; as a practitioner with experience in both fields, our Therapist is able to give comprehensive advice on diet as well as administer therapy, according to your individual needs.



Who is it suitable for?

People who can benefit from our Therapist’s expertise include everyone but particularly those who:

  • Suffer from IBS, or similar digestive issues
  • Have single or multiple food allergies, intolerances or sensitivities
  • Have either current or past food intolerances or sensitivities and wish to try re-introducing foods into their diet
  • Think they may have intolerances, but are unsure which foods are triggering reactions
  • Suffer from deficiencies (e.g. vitamin or mineral) and want to avoid dependence on supplements
  • Want to lose weight