We have complex relationships with microbes;

Microbioenergetics is a revolutionary advanced healing modality which enables us to regain the perfect balance.



What is Microbioenergetics?

Microbioenergetics is a pioneering branch of advanced Biomagnetism and Energy Medicine, developed by Dr Miguel Ojeda Rios, MD. 

The therapy combines and incorporates aspects of Epigenetics, Metabolomics, Nutrigenetics & Nutrigenomics, Biological Decoding, Psychosomatic Medicine, Energy Medicine, Bioenergetics and Biomagnetism.



About Dr Rios

Dr Miguel Ojeda Rios, MD, left allopathic medicine and a surgery residency to pursue the possibilities of Biomagnetism-based therapies; he has since served as a lecturer and instructor for the Biomagnetic Pair Certification Program at the University of Chapingo (UACH) in Mexico for over 10 years. Dr Rios is also a member of the International Society of Nutrigenetics/Nutrigenomics (ISNN), a member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and a member of the Metabolomics Society. He is internationally renowned for his practice and research among practitioners of Biomagnetism, Medical and Alternative Medicine in Mexico, Spain and other countries.



How does it work?

Dr Rios’ research discovered that the Biomagnetic Pairs formed in the body can correspond to certain emotional states and points of trauma in our lives, termed ‘Microbioenergetic conflicts’. These ‘Microbioenergetic conflicts’ in turn resonate with pathogens and make us susceptible to particular conditions.

Essentially, these resonances and subsequent susceptibility prevent us from recovering and adapting appropriately to these microbes and experiences, resulting in long term health conditions and/or sub-optimal health. Until resolved, these connections continue to render us susceptible to both infection and re-infection.

Microbioenergetics therefore is a technique that identifies the emotional, energetic, genetic and transgenerational causes of disease. This enables us to deactivate the information of specific traumas and conflicts which prevent the elimination of microbes involved in illness and dysfunction.


Not all pathogens are linked to traumas, just as not all traumas have a microbial link.

However, Dr Rios has found that most chronic health conditions will involve one or more ‘Microbioenergetic conflicts’ requiring deactivation with this technique. 



What are the benefits for me?

With its wide variety of applications, Microbioenergetics is naturally suited to adapt to you and your individual biology and life. Just as the history that led to each person’s combination of health conditions and ‘Microbioenergetic conflicts’ is unique, each treatment will differ depending on the client.

Due to its sensitivity, depth and scope of application, even when used individually, Microbioenergetics is an excellent therapy for those who:

  • regularly and/or repeatedly suffer from the same, or similar (re)infections
  • find multiple treatments are unable to get rid of specific infections completely
  • seem to be the only one susceptible to certain microbes, even when others are also exposed
  • are chronically ill, and just cannot seem to get better


When used in conjunction with traditional Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, Microbioenergetics has the ability to increase the efficacy, precision and power of treatment.



What conditions can it help?

Microbioenergetics is useful for all conditions, however has particular significance in the treatment of chronic health conditions, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain and chronic infections. It is also particularly useful in conditions which have a neurological aspect, such as someone suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, or depression.



Who is it suitable for?

Microbioenergetics is suitable for both adults and children. It can be combined with conventional or alternative therapies without contraindication, or used as a therapy by itself.

It is suitable for those unable to use Biomagnetic Pair Therapy.