What To Expect


Before the Consultation:

Once a date and time for your consultation has been arranged, we will email you a Symptom Sheet and Patient Declaration Form to fill in before your appointment to be returned by email before the session, if possible.

The ideal clothes for a session are a pair of comfortable trousers and top. Please also bring a clean pair of socks to the appointment with you. 

It is preferable to stay hydrated before you arrive so please ensure that you have drunk some water prior to your appointment.

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During the Consultation:

The session will begin with a brief discussion of your symptom sheet and what you wish to gain from the therapy.

Our Therapist will then ask you to lie on the treatment table and will begin your treatment.

Sometimes the body wants us to correct systemic imbalances or treat other microbes before we start on what you originally came in for, but not to worry! The body always knows the best place to start, and it will often take the opportunity to clear away some of the “debris” and rebalance itself before cracking down on some of the more difficult issues. This can also include clearing you of root causes of illnesses, which in turn can have a “domino effect” and either ameliorate certain conditions, or treat them entirely.



After the Consultation:

At the end of the session, our Therapist will determine whether your body wants another session, and if so, the optimum time for you to return. Chronic conditions tend to require more sessions over a longer period of time; however there is no ‘standard’.

They may also explain things you can do individually to help your therapy be most effective.


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